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*Webinar* Invest Your Money Like a Bo$$ w/ Meg Bartelt

Do you feel you should be investing, but you don't know how to start? Are you contributing to your 401(k), only to stumble when it comes to investing that money? Are you overwhelmed by all the opinions about how to invest "right"?

The financial industry wants you to think that investing is too complicated for you to do yourself. They make a lot of money off that lie. If you understand and follow just a few fundamental rules of good investing--and a couple considerations specific to being a woman in the tech industry--you'll be ahead of most of your peers...especially the ones who treat investing like a game.

Ultimately, investing is simply one more tool to strengthen your finances, and strong finances give you choice. You have the smarts to invest well. You need the confidence that you can do it yourselves. Join me for this webinar and gain the basic knowledge that will give you that confidence!