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*Webinar* Resumes that Resonate! (Encore) (Part 2 of our Job Search Series)

Join us on February 27, 2019 for the second webinar in our Job Search series!

Resumes that Resonate! (Encore)

The Resumes That Resonate webinar will teach you how to build a successful foundation for your job search by showing you how to position and frame your experience and expertise for potential employers

Wouldn’t the job search be a lot easier if you…

  • Knew exactly how to craft a compelling resume for a job posting that you were excited about?

  • Understood what to look for in a job posting, to figure out if a job is right for you?

  • Better understood the hiring process and what it takes to stand out as an applicant?

  • Learned how to celebrate and enjoy the process along the way?