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“Since joining Tech Ladies I have met so many incredible women and I’ve been exposed to groups and conversations that I've learned from that I probably would not have known about otherwise. I attended Startup Grind thanks to a partnership that Tech Ladies had. All-in-all, it is the most supportive and positive group I've ever been part of (and I'm a participant in a lot of professional groups). I can't recommend it enough!”
Lia James, Career Strategist


"Coming across Tech Ladies was a breath of fresh air! I can't believe the network and friends that I have built up with this group. I have to convey a million thanks to the team of wonderful ladies that are Founding Members who bring this group together in such a cohesive manner."
Tanuja Chenna, Hardware Sales and Developer


“In the Founding Members group we are constantly offered free events and resources. It continues to get better with great people, partnerships, and discounts. The general group is amazing, but there are so many members that it is hard to filter through. With the Founding Members, I have the opportunity to engage with brilliant, passionate members on a more personal level.”
Jessalin Lam, Relationship Manager, Hyper Island.

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    "As a Founding Member of Tech Ladies, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many brilliant, amazing women in the tech space. Tech Ladies doesn’t just attempt to send a message of sisterly solidarity. It succeeds in demonstrating the power of women helping women. " 
    Divya Kunapuli Director of Marketing, NGP VAN 


    “I know the amount of work needed to provide a job board, free courses, a space to be able to network, and more. I know it's not the same as having stocks in a company or being a member of the board of directors, but it still feels like that's the kind of member I am; that I am sowing the necessary seeds to help Tech Ladies grow, so that it can also help me in the future.” 
    Dede Tete-Rosenthal, Founder SENANU


    “I love the discounted access to high quality networking events and free access to Tech Lady events (as many of these are virtual). It’s a very active community and easier to keep up with and get real value from than the larger Tech Ladies group. I've connected with a number of fellow Founding Members on LinkedIn and started some valuable one-to-one relationships this way.”
    Mindy Mekhail, Business Development Strategist at Digital Surgeons


    “I joined because I'm not only an advocate for women in tech, I'm an opportunist who wants access to the greatest minds in tech as I develop my career in an industry that demands innovation. I'm also consistently impressed with the caliber of events that offer free exclusive access or discounts to Founding Members. It's well worth the membership fee!”
    Alaura Weaver, Digital Copywriter, WordWeaver Freelance Copywriting

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    “I find that being a Founding Tech Lady has been inspiring, very welcoming, and has given me access to some brilliant and wonderful women. There are some great events that are offered online, some great discounted tickets, and tons of great advice from the women of the group.”
    Kate Pond, Founder, The Pond's Edge