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why isn't my job search working?

Join us on March 31 for the second webinar in our Job Search series!

Are you struggling to get traction in your job search? Is the process taking way more time than you imagined?

Let’s try to fix that! Join us for an interactive webinar to learn:

  • Why your resume isn’t helping you land interviews

  • How to find opportunities when you feel unmotivated

  • What to do to generate opportunities that you are actually excited about

This webinar will include a presentation, an interview with Tech Ladies member Marissa Mossberg, and plenty of time for Q +A.

Webinar 1 How to have a Calm + Strategic Job Hunt

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March 31st, 2020
Starting at 3:00 PM ET
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staying true to yourself in your job search

Join us on April 7 for the final webinar in our Job Search series!

Are you looking for a role more aligned with your values?

Want to land a job that will help you build meaningful connections with clients, customers and co-workers?

Join us for an interactive webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify and select roles that are in alignment with your goals

  • Cultivate the courage to walk away from offers that ultimately aren’t a good fit

  • Ask the right questions to ensure that the offers you entertain will result in a move in the right direction

This webinar will include a presentation, an interview with Tech Ladi… Read more

how to mom and code

Join me for a webinar on surviving and thriving in the software development industry while acing motherhood! I am a senior software engineer at MatchCraft and a mom to a 6 year old and a 4 month old. In this webinar, I will walk you through my career journey and share some tried and tested tips and tricks to master the balance between ‘moming’ and ‘coding’! The webinar will include:

  1. The story of my transition from an early career as a software developer to the transition back to work after becoming a mother the first time around

  2. Factors to consider when looking for a company to transition back to full-… Read more

demystifying career advancement

Ever wonder how he pulled ahead and got that promotion? That choice project? Or that new role you didn’t even hear about until it was announced? After 20 years in tech, with over a decade at Google, The Forem’s founder & CEO, Alli Young, researched the behaviors and skills that help people get ahead faster. In this workshop, she outlines the five skills you need throughout your career to pull ahead and be seen for the incredible impact you already provide to your organization. These skills can be used, from the mailroom to the board room and you’ll be able to put them to work immediately. After our wo… Read more

job hunting in tech after 40

As a career counselor and coach specializing in working with women in tech and career transition, I will not dispute that ageism is real and rampant. However, many people of all ages are experiencing rejections when applying for jobs, which is often a result of lacking keyword optimization on their resume and thereby not passing through the Applicant Tracking Software most companies use. You may have relocated or were too wrapped up in work and life to connect regularly with your network. We'll create a strategy to help you jump back in, because networks can be a key component of learning about… Read more

create products and services your audience will love

Calling all existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and independent contractors! We call the meeting place of what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for "Your Personal Product Market Fit". Learn the strategy that successful business owners and independent creators use to determine what ideas to pursue and how to de-risk the exploration process.

In this webinar, you will learn to

  • Identify your strengths
  • Research & understand what people want
  • Set your pricing
  • Iterate and get into an experiment mindset


Madelin Woods is… Read more

sharpen your emotional iq at work

Join us for the second webinar in our Leadership Communication series with GoldJam Creative!

Sharpen your Emotional IQ at Work

Emotional Intelligence is the number one driver of leadership and personal success. Research continues to support that those with high EQ tend to outperform those with high IQ! So why is this skill so often overlooked? In this webinar, we will:

  • Gain tools for breaking down and managing emotions so they propel you and your team forward, rather than hold you back.

  • Actively cultivate empathy and an ability to “read” others’ emotions.

  • Learn how to view emotionally fraug… Read more

how to get the most out of your 401k

Despite all the mania over company stock, your 401(k) is still your most likely path to wealth. Tech companies continue to make their 401(k) plans better for their employees, but all those moving parts can overwhelm. And maybe you're not getting the most of your 401(k) as a result. 

In this webinar, we will cover:
  • The basics of 401(k)s and how you should use yours: How much should you save to your 401(k)? How should you invest your 401(k)? How does matching work? What about fees?
  • More advanced features that you might have access to: Rolling old 401(k)s into your current 401(k), after-tax contribut… Read more

how to respond powerfully to microaggressions & unconscious bias

This webinar is for women, nonbinary and people of color who have experienced microaggressions, unconscious bias, or ambiguous sexual innuendo in the workplace. If you've been at a complete loss for words when these situations occur, executive coach Laura Khalil will teach you exactly how to respond in the moment to take back your power, stop the violations in their tracks, and build healthy working relationships.

In this webinar you'll learn:
  • Why you're only thinking of the right "comeback" 30 minutes later. 
  • Why HR isn't effective in helping to curtail this behavior. 
  • Exactly what to say t… Read more

how to build a successful affinity group at work

Lina Mamut of Ahold Delhaize USA recently started a Women in Tech group at their Fortune 150 company Ahold Delhaize. Within a year they grew the group to over 500 members in less than 6 months, created a series of workshops addressing issues group members asked for, and built an online portal of resources. 

Lina and the group's co-founder Carly Kraft, have been asked to fly to many different North American and European locations to give workshops and jumpstart local initiatives. How did they touch a nerve at their company and build a solution quickly? 

In this webinar, Lina will share how to build a… Read more

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