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how to respond powerfully to microaggressions & unconscious bias

This webinar is for women, nonbinary and people of color who have experienced microaggressions, unconscious bias, or ambiguous sexual innuendo in the workplace. If you've been at a complete loss for words when these situations occur, executive coach Laura Khalil will teach you exactly how to respond in the moment to take back your power, stop the violations in their tracks, and build healthy working relationships.

In this webinar you'll learn:
  • Why you're only thinking of the right "comeback" 30 minutes later. 
  • Why HR isn't effective in helping to curtail this behavior. 
  • Exactly what to say t… Read more
June 2nd, 2020
Starting at 3:00 PM ET
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how to build a successful affinity group at work

Lina Mamut of Ahold Delhaize USA recently started a Women in Tech group at their Fortune 150 company Ahold Delhaize. Within a year they grew the group to over 500 members in less than 6 months, created a series of workshops addressing issues group members asked for, and built an online portal of resources. 

Lina and the group's co-founder Carly Kraft, have been asked to fly to many different North American and European locations to give workshops and jumpstart local initiatives. How did they touch a nerve at their company and build a solution quickly? 

In this webinar, Lina will share how to build a… Read more

how to grow your career in tech as a working mom

Are you a new Mom struggling to find your rhythm in growing a career and raising a family? Are you thinking of starting a family but are worried about paying the "mommy tax"? Or, maybe you're a long time working Mom looking to up-level your career but fear the loss of flexibility? Let's face it, our society and systems are lacking when it comes to supporting working women/parents, but the good news is you can still create your ideal career. Want to know how?

Learn how to leverage the power of self-advocacy and:

  • confidently make an ask (for money, responsibility, flexibility, etc.) as working Mom
  • le… Read more

thriving in your wfh life

Have you been thrust into working remotely? Would you like help navigating the chaos and gaining clarity?

Lida will walk you through some possibilities that would allow you to thrive, rather than merely survive, during these challenges times.

Lida will share tips based on her direct experience, as well as that of her many connections, so you will have an insider's track to working remotely. There are limited spots (and you can always watch the recording even if you can't make it to the live session) -- join us for this exciting webinar.

Why this facilitator?

Lida has had experience in initiatin… Read more

public speaking for quiet, thoughtful people

Did you know? Embracing public speaking can help you take control of your career AND fight the patriarchy.

In the tech industry, women are more ready than ever to step into leadership and thrive in systems that have not historically set them up for success.

One piece of advice has been told to hard workers of all genders: "just go heads down and you will eventually be rewarded." In a purely fair system, maybe, but that's not how it works in the real world. Women have to advocate for themselves and developing public speaking skills is one of the best strategies to take control of your own career.

In thi… Read more

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