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Tech Ladies Pro is an upgraded membership for women in tech who are focused on growing their network and their career.

Membership includes access to our private Slack, weekly coaching calls, and curated intros to help you build your network. Plus, early access to our in-person and virtual networking events.

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1. Share a little bit about you

Let us build a more personalized experience for you and share best resources that can help you grow your career.
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2. Join Slack Workspace

Engage with your fellow Tech Ladies on career topics in #career-chat, share resources and events is #resources, or your pet or plant photos in #random.
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3. Introduce Yourself in #intros

This is your opportunity to shine. Let everyone know where you’re from, what you’re working on, what you can help other community members with and how other Tech Ladies Pro members can support you.
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4. Attend Tech ladies Events

Tech Ladies hosts weekly events to help our members grow their skills and their careers.
Most of our events are hosted online, but we host in-person meetups, too. Keep an eye out for a Tech Ladies Meetup in city near you.
Note: All events are free for Pro Members!