Introducing: Tech Ladies Unlimited

Check out our new, short-term unlimited hiring partnership! You asked for a shorter-term, high impact option. We’re delivering.

Caro Griffin
Caro Griffin
Sep 19, 2023
 min read
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Introducing: Tech Ladies Unlimited

A great team is a competitive advantage for any business, but what it takes to hire and retain that great team... well, that changes over time. The recruiting space looks a lot different today than it did even 3-4 months ago!

At Tech Ladies, we adapt our offerings to the market so that we’re always presenting tools and strategies that work. 

Recently, you’ve shared that you want an easier way to hire. ‘Something more flexible, that delivers when you need it and doesn’t commit you to annual contracts.’

And we agree! 

Introducing: Tech Ladies Unlimited

We now offer Tech Ladies Unlimited, a three month, flexible hiring option for building your pipeline now

It includes unlimited job postings and unlimited sourcing access for your whole team so you can connect with the right talent as soon as you open new roles. And you can decide whether to continue every three months - without worrying about auto-renewals. If you’ve filled your roles, you can easily come back later and start again when your hiring needs ramp back up.

All the great benefits of Tech Ladies. Now, with a low, fixed cost and unlimited access!

TL;DR — Take advantage of Tech Ladies Unlimited to grow your pipeline today!

Special Offer

We’re so excited about this new offering that we’re sweetening the deal for you!

From now until October 15th, we’ll throw in an extra month for free. That’s 4 months of UNLIMITED access to Tech Ladies for the price of 3! 

Sign up here to automatically get your free month.

Why you need Tech Ladies Unlimited

1. We Have Your Target Talent

We’re not just a job board, we’re a thriving community of over 120,000 women in tech who trust us to connect them with great companies. This is just one way we’re different from other job boards.

We also give you the ability to proactively reach out to great candidates through our Talent Network, our dedicated sourcing tool. This is how most of our partners hire Tech Ladies. (Like Bitwarden, who just made their 6th hire with us!)

Our team reviews members before accepting them into the platform. We’re looking at their technical skills and years of experience, but also trying to understand what they’re looking for in their next roles to save you the guesswork of wondering if they’re open to IC roles, only looking for remote roles, etc. 

All of our candidates are highly motivated and have been pre-qualified to ensure they align with your roles. A win win!

2. We Can Save Your Team Time

Who knows what headcount looks like 8 months from now? With Tech Ladies Unlimited, we’re here to help you build your pipeline and hire now

Tech Ladies Unlimited is going to save you hours of time in a few different ways:

  1. We do the first screen for you. Your team won't spend time searching for candidates or sifting through resumes. We bring our community directly to you. Then, we vet those Tech Ladies to make sure they have the skills and background you’re looking for AND that they’re actively job searching.
  2. Our candidates have opted in to hearing from you. Every Tech Lady in our Talent Network has asked to hear from our hiring partners, and we remove them if they ever become unresponsive.  Because of this, our response rate is much higher than you’ll find elsewhere. No more wasting time on applicants who never respond to you!
  3. We pull all your jobs from your ATS*. You don’t have to do any manual work on your end to share open roles with Tech Ladies. New roles are automatically added! 
  4. We create a custom partner page for you. This helps you hire now, but also builds your employer brand for the future.This gives Tech Ladies the ability to learn more about what makes you a great place for women to work, and see your open roles in one spot.

3. We Save You Money

Tech Ladies Unlimited is a short-term plan with no auto-renewal. It gives you access to the Tech Ladies' full network for a flat fee - no hidden charges here! 

Unlimited jobs, unlimited sourcing, unlimited users and unlimited hires. That's it! 

Many of our hiring partners have used recruiters and agencies before coming to Tech Ladies. The average cost per hire is typically 15-20% of the total salary. For a Sr. SWE, that’s over $20k minimum for 1 hire! We’ll provide you with unlimited access to build your top of funnel and never charge extra for hires you make. 

4. We Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

In order to make any meaningful difference at your organization you need access to a different talent pool. Tech Ladies Unlimited delivers exactly that!

An unlimited hiring partnership provides access to our network of 120,000 women who are looking for opportunities with our hiring partners. 

Having a more diverse candidate pool will allow you to build an inclusive team. One that better reflects your customers and brings broader perspectives to your work.

5. We Can Grow Your Employer Brand

The best candidates want more than a job, they want to work for a great company. This requires you to position your organization as a great place to work for women in tech specifically, and sell them on what makes you unique. 

Most of our members start their job search with Tech Ladies, which gives our hiring partners a leg up in finding great talent. (And because our most skilled Tech Ladies typically get hired in 2-4 weeks, many don’t end up looking further than our hiring partners.)

Partnering with Tech Ladies also shows these candidates that DEI isn’t just a page on your website, it’s something you’re actively prioritizing at your organization.

We’ve had companies interview multiple Tech Ladies, hire one, and then end up hiring the other candidate months or years down the line. In this way, our partnership pays dividends for years to come - in terms of pipeline, but specifically employer brand recognition.

Start hiring now

Take advantage of Tech Ladies Unlimited today! 

And if you’re looking for a more robust, custom option, book some time with our team.

*ATS integration is optional - currently we’re compatible with 15 ATS systems and growing…

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Caro is a senior operations leader and certified Senior HR Professional (SPHR). She joined Tech Ladies as employee #1 in 2020 before being promoted to General Manager in 2022.
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Introducing: Tech Ladies Unlimited

Caro Griffin
Caro Griffin
Sep 19, 2023
 min read
Introducing: Tech Ladies Unlimited