You Don’t Need to Wait 6 Months to Build a Diverse Pipeline

We've made some amazing hires from Tech Ladies! We recently hired a Technical Support Engineer, Product Designer, and our first-ever Engineering Manager. Tech Ladies has been a great source and partner over the last few years, especially during this period of fast-paced growth. I recommend them to all recruiters looking to hire talented women on their team.

Symone Lapray

Recruiting Manager,

Tech Ladies has been a great partner in our recruiting efforts. They've helped us diversify our pipeline and we hired 2 Engineers through Tech Ladies this year!

Rachel Wright

Technical Recruiter, RevenueCat

Tech Ladies is an awesome channel for anyone looking to build a high-velocity engineering team with diverse talent. Candidates were aligned with Newfront's mission and values, not just our tech stack.

Gordon Newtrob

CTO, Newfront

Tech Ladies has been a valuable partner in building our team. Within months of working with Tech Ladies, we hired a Product Manager, Sales Specialist, Demand Gen. Marketing Manager, and a Marketing Operations Associate. We continue to engage with amazing talent across various job functions.

Jessica Velazco

Recruiting and People Ops, Bitwarden

Tech Ladies not only connects us with incredibly talented people, but with people who share our enthusiasm for growing and fostering an environment where women excel. We recently hired a fantastic Software Engineer to join our team!

Kaleen Baker

Senior Technical Recruiter, Procore

HUGE thanks to the Tech Ladies team for helping us find an awesome new teammate. Many companies rely on hiring within their own limited network so it was refreshing to connect with so many new faces and strong talent within their community.

Ryan Hoover

Founder, Product Hunt

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