Thinking about stepping into a bigger role, or want to grow your management skills? Join dozens of Tech Ladies for a career-changing accelerator.

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Next cohort starts March 4, 2024.
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Tech Ladies Leadership Accelerator Program

The Tech Ladies Leadership Accelerator is a fully remote, cohort-based leadership development program. Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll work through a structured curriculum that will support you in leveling up your leadership skills, alongside other phenomenal women leaders. You'll experience group coaching, participate in curated events (all remote and over Zoom) and network with other Tech Ladies in a way that will transform you as a leader.

Plus, you’ll be part of a fun, safe community of women in tech who are here to cheer you on!

After this program, you'll have the confidence, strategies and tools to achieve tangible results for your organization and get to the next stage in your career.

Our next cohort starts March 4, 2024.
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Success Stories

Students from our previous leadership programs loved the experience, and are blazing exciting, new career trails as they implement the tools they learned.

Update: I got promoted! Thanks to the resources and webinars from Tech Ladies, I’ve been able to take more ownership of and be more strategic about my career.
Bee Tangsurat,
Project Manager
The course had a fantastic leader and information I could immediately apply. I walked away as a more confident, more effective manager.
Jessie Dugas,
Engineering Manager
The overall experience was very collaborative and inclusive. As a result of the course, I moved on to a new role!
Leyla Novini,
Senior UX Designer
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Why You?

This cohort is for you if you want to step into management someday or grow as a leader within your current organization.

You’ll develop and refine your leadership skills in a supportive environment.

Whether you work at a startup, medium size company or on a large corporate team, this accelerator is for you.

Why Us?

Tech Ladies is the largest and most welcoming community of women in tech.
For years you've trusted us to help you find new jobs, level up your skills with webinars, and grow your network.

Together we want to see more women in tech step into leadership/management (and make more $$$ to be honest).

This program will help you grow in a much deeper way in your career, with access to the most impactful leaders we’ve worked with over the years.

Want a sneak peak?

Students *raved* about the unique Tech Ladies approach to finding your superpower strengths. Drop your email in here to receive an introductory video workshop AND the accompanying workbook. Totally free!

Curriculum Overview

As the largest community of women in tech, we’ve spent years working with extraordinary leaders and world-class companies to understand the skills required in the highest-paid leadership roles.

We’ve wrapped all that knowledge into a powerful curriculum and hand-picked, expert speakers to create a program unlike any other leadership program out there.

Week 1

Leadership Foundation

Take time to reflect on your career, interests, passions, and skills so that you can tap into your zone of genius and visualize the next steps in your career journey.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Group Orientations
  2. Discover Your Superpowers

Week 2

Building Your Professional Brand

Craft and cultivate your professional brand by taking full advantage of LinkedIn. Learn how to actively showcase your skills, connect with other leaders in your industry, and attract money-making opportunities.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Growing Your Network Strategically
  2. Leveling Up Your LinkedIn

Week 3

How to Think and Work More Strategically

Start thinking about the big picture! Step into your role as a leader by switching from a tactical mindset to a strategic one.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Making Data-Driven Decisions
  2. From Tactical to Strategic Thinking

Week 4

Building Strong Inclusive Teams

Learn how to grow and retain a team of strong, multi-faceted people that can meet company goals and KPIs.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Small Group Chats
  2. Inclusive Interviewing and Hiring

Week 5

Managing Effective Teams

Get the tips and techniques you need to manage and retain your direct reports so that you can be an effective and approachable people manager.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Small Group Chats
  2. Managing Your Team

Week 6

Conflict Resolution & Effective Communication

Establish yourself as a leader by building your confidence in dealing with difficult situations (and difficult employees), while also improving your executive presence.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Managing Difficult Situations
  2. Growing Your Executive Presence

Week 7

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Improve retention on your team by fostering inclusion in the workplace and making sure everyone feels like a vital part of your vision.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Growing Leading with Empathy
  2. Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

Week 8

Prioritizing Your Time as a Leader

Develop your personal self-care toolkit to help you avoid burnout and continue to lead your team in the right direction.

Workshops and Events:

  1. Self-Care and Time Management for Leaders
  2. Closing Discussion

Our upcoming schedule will be released soon. Check out our Full Syllabus until then!

Download Full Syllabus

Cohort Facilitators

Lekisha Middleton

Cohort Co-Lead

Lekisha is a Career Coach and the Founder of The Good Success Network. She teaches her clients how to align their work with their purpose and values, so they can live a life that they love and leave a legacy they are proud of. With over 20 years in the Tech industry, Lekisha is passionate about equipping women to evolve into authentic leaders.

Wendy Saccuzzo

Cohort Co-Lead

Wendy is a Career Coach who has worked in tech for most of her career (Customer Success, Career Services, Sales). Her coaching practice is focused on job search, interviewing, career transition, and leadership, mostly working with underrepresented people in tech.

Previous Speakers

Our team recruits an incredible lineup of speakers—some of the smartest and most engaging women we know in the tech industry—to support the accelerator curriculum. A few past guest speakers include:

Devon Climer

Workshop: Grow Your Executive Presence

Devon is a licensed speech pathologist, corporate speech trainer, and workplace communication specialist. She leads her own practice where she specializes in training leadership communication, presentation, and executive presence skills.

Teneika Askew

Workshop: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Teneika is an engineer by nature, specializing in big data. She works as a consultant helping clients make the most of their data—both technically and strategically, is the Director of Data Science at the US Navy, and also the Founder of the non-profits, Ribbons of Beauty and BiCTech.

Deepa Purushothaman

Workshop: Leadership Q&A

Deepa is a former senior partner at Deloitte—where she was the first Indian-American woman and one of the youngest people to make partner in the firm’s history. Today, she is the co-founder of nFormation, a membership-based community for professional Women of Color, and a best-selling author.  

Time Commitment

Next Cohort: March 2024
8 weeks long, ~4 hours per week

Whats included in the cohort?

  • Weekly workshops
  • Private group coaching
  • Weekly assignment
  • Peer feedback + networking
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What exactly is an accelerator?

It means you and a few dozen Tech Ladies learning to level up your management skills together. It’s just two months, a few hours a week, and totally life-changing.

What if I don't have professional leadership experience, can I still join?

Yes! It’s open to everyone whether you want to step into management someday or grow as a leader on your team. Whether you work at a startup, medium size company or on a large corporate team, this accelerator is for you.

Why should I enroll?

You’ll walk away with the ability to make more money in your career, grow into a new role and become better at managing people. No matter where you’re starting from you’ll walk away with the confidence that you can get to the next stage of your career. Plus, you’ll be in a fun, safe community of women in tech who are here to cheer you on!

Why Tech Ladies?

As the largest and most trusted community of women in tech, we’ve spent years running events, webinars and conferences (and learning what works best). For this first cohort, we’re hand-picking our most-loved speakers and most impactful topics to create a program unlike any other.

Are scholarships available?

Many companies will pay for you to take professional development courses, bootcamps, and accelerator programs. So it is definitely worth asking your company if you have this benefit. You can use this template to ask your boss to cover the cost of the program.

What time will the events take place?

Check out the example Calendar of Events from the upcoming cohort. Upcoming cohorts have a similar schedule. All of the events will be held in Eastern Standard Time.

I do not currently work in the Tech industry, but I am ready to grow as a leader and am interested in this program. Should I sign up?

Absolutely! The curriculum for this program is based on universal leadership principles and span industries and backgrounds. Our Accelerator participants also work in various industries, which only adds to the experience as you expand your peer network.

Want a sneak peak?

Drop your email here, and we'll keep you updated on the next cohort. (Plus, we'll send you exclusive content from the program—completely free, no strings attached.)