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What’s the difference between free membership and Founding Membership?

Free membership grants you access to our members-only Facebook group, Job Board, and general events.

Founding Membership grants you access to a smaller, more intimate community where you can network with and get support from other women in tech. It also includes weekly career group coaching sessions; free webinars and networking events; 1:1 coffee chats with other members that share your interests; access to our On-Demand Webinar Library, which contains over 150 professional development videos; and discounts on courses, tools, and more.

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I don’t work in a technical role but work for a tech company. Do I belong in Tech Ladies?

The short answer is yes! We welcome women across all roles in tech, as well as technical women that work for non-tech companies. Engineers are the biggest group in our community, but we also have women working in product, design, sales, marketing, and more. If you feel like you belong here, we'd love to have you!

What’s the geographical breakdown of Tech Ladies members?

Tech Ladies is a global community with members all over the world. The majority of our members are based in the US, followed by Canada and Europe. But we have members in almost every country so we encourage you to join no matter where you live.

What’s the role breakdown of Tech Ladies members?

Almost half of our members work in engineering, followed by a large number of Tech Ladies working in design and product. However, we also have significant numbers working in sales, marketing, customer success, and more. Basically, we have every role under the sun. We're such a big community that even the roles that only make up a small % of our membership can amount to hundreds or thousands!

What kinds of conversations take place in the Tech Ladies community?

Most of our conversations are focused on our jobs and careers. Members ask about how to deal with challenging situations at work, grow their skills, find a new role, negotiate a salary raise, etc. But because our members are so growth-focused, we also talk a lot about personal finance topics like saving for retirement, investing, and using our money wisely.