How to Use the Talent Network to Find Your Next Hire

No more wading through piles of applications or sacrificing on diversity. Hire top women in tech quickly and easily with the Tech Ladies Talent Network!

Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith
Nov 13, 2023
 min read
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How to Use the Talent Network to Find Your Next Hire

Hiring in tech has seen a huge amount of change over just the past few years. From scrambling to find talent to having a wave of applicants for each role. But, no matter what the job market has looked like, hiring managers and recruiters always face challenges. This makes efficient and effective strategies absolutely critical for hiring.

Tech Ladies has been working for over a decade to help our hiring partners overcome the challenges they face building diverse tech teams. Instead of just hoping that the right job seekers will find them or drowning in applications, Tech Ladies partners are able to streamline and focus their hiring without compromising their DEI goals along the way.

A key tool that makes this possible is the Tech Ladies Talent Network, our database of top talent. It’s become a game-changer for hundreds of hiring partners. Read on to find out how the Talent Network makes hiring fast and easy while also supporting them with their hiring goals and promoting their company values.

Keep diversity a priority

The Tech Ladies Talent Network is a curated collection of top candidates from our community of 120,000+ women in tech. These candidates are not only incredibly skilled tech workers, they represent a diverse pool of candidates where +45% identify as a woman of color.

These candidates work primarily in engineering, product management, design, and marketing. (Although you’ll occasionally see other specialties, too.) We focus on these specialties because they are the most common roles amongst our members, and we know they are often the most in-demand openings for our hiring partners.

Every candidate in the Talent Network applies to be included and is vetted by the Tech Ladies team. We approve members based on their skills, experience, and what we know our hiring partners and the industry in general is looking for.

Over 60% of the candidates in the Tech Ladies Talent Network have 5 years or more of experience, and many have a managerial background, as well as technical skills.

Avoid applicant overwhelm

The Talent Network ensures that you’re never starting from scratch when you’re hiring for a new role. Instead you always have a database with thousands of possible candidates, not to mention all the information that you need to created a curated pool of candidates to reach out to.

Approved Tech Ladiesfill out a detailed profile for the Talent Network. (No more scrolling incomplete or out-of-date profiles!) This helps you find candidates you’re most likely to move forward with.

And, since each candidate applies to be included in the Talent Network, they are opting in to hearing from you. No more unanswered messages or wondering if someone great is even looking for a new role, much less what they’re looking for! Now you'll know that they're not only job searching, but exactly what kind of roles they're looking for and how to tailor your outreach accordingly.

Information included in the Talent Network candidates’ profiles includes:

  • Years of experience
  • Area of expertise
  • List of skills
  • Most recent role
  • Bio
  • Roles they are open to
  • Current location & other locations they are open to
  • Preferred company size
  • Industry interest (FinTech, EdTech, Agencies, etc.)
  • What they’re looking for in their next role
  • Full resume (with no downloading needed!)
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Work authorizations
  • Date that their profile was last updated

Having all this information gives you a full and in-depth view of the candidate. And, to make sure you find the candidates that are the best match for your roles, you have a robust set of filters in the Talent Network. You can search and select for candidates based on any or all of the following:

  • Area of expertise
  • Specializations
  • Skills (over 500!)
  • Years of experience
  • Management experience
  • Job search status
  • Roles open to
  • Current location
  • Locations open to work
  • Remote work preference

Organize your outreach

You can create sets, aka pools, of candidates in the Talent Network based on different criteria, like skills, experience, location, etc. Pools let you easily collect together the Tech Ladies you’re interested in or build a list in advance for future positions. And having all your talent pools in one place means less work for you when you’re ready to reach out.

Pro tip: If there's a role you're always kind of hiring for (e.g. Backend Engineers), we recommend creating a Talent Pool for these Tech Ladies so you can always be recruiting for it in the background.

Ensure a high response rate

You can email candidates directly from the Talent Network. This means you don’t have to switch over to a spreadsheet and then your email to search for candidates’ info and write a message before reaching out. Just type your intro and hit send, all from the candidate’s profile page in the Talent Network.

The best part is that the sender on your email will be shown as a Tech Ladies hiring partner so there's less chance they'll overlook an unfamiliar sender. This means you’re even more likely to hear back from them ASAP! And their reply will automatically show up in your own email application so you can simply continue the conversation there, without having to log back into the Talent Network every time you want to reply.

Keep your team on the same page

The Talent Network also makes it simple to share candidates across your hiring team so you're never duplicating your efforts, or sending conflicting info to candidates. Every team member with Talent Network access can access your shared Talent Pools, along with any tags or notes you’ve added to their profiles.

This way, everyone can keep up to date on the Tech Ladies you’re considering, reducing the time you spend asking each other for updates and eliminating embrassing mistakes in front of candidates.

Hiring in tech is hardly an easy task. But the Tech Ladies Talent Network can make the difference if you’re looking for skilled women for your team. With this unique platform at your team’s fingertips, you will not only speed up your sourcing, but you'll be sure you’re finding the most qualified women in tech for all of your positions.

Check out our new hiring partnership options if you’re ready to fill roles quickly without sacrificing on diversity. The plan gives you unlimited access to the Tech Ladies Talent Network plus unlimited postings on the Tech Ladies Job Board, all with no hiring fees and unlimited hires.

Kelli works with our hiring partners, helping them connect with Tech Ladies interested in joining their great teams. She’s an expert in customer success and has worked in tech, including recruiting and hiring, for the past ten years. Kelli lives in southeastern Finland and loves dancing, podcasts, and productivity apps.
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How to Use the Talent Network to Find Your Next Hire

Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith
Nov 13, 2023
 min read
How to Use the Talent Network to Find Your Next Hire