Top 5 Tech Lady Rules for Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

Level up your interview process and leave candidates with a positive lasting impression!

Caro Griffin
Caro Griffin
Aug 15, 2023
 min read
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Top 5 Tech Lady Rules for Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

It’s still a candidate's market, believe it or not. According to the Department of Labor, unemployment is on the decline (despite what your LinkedIn feed is telling you), thousands of companies are hiring for multiple roles, and your friends are getting hired!

If you’re not getting the candidates you’re looking for, there’s an important question you should be asking yourself: What experience am I creating for candidates?

Gone are the days of randomly posting jobs for a month and finding the perfect unicorn. Candidates want and expect more - now so more than ever! 

Tech Ladies’ career coaches run group coaching sessions for our members every week, and one of the most popular topics for discussion is the candidate experience. 

Women in tech are talking about your company. Make sure they’re saying good things about your hiring process!

We’ve pulled together our top five tips for building a great candidate experience below.

How to give candidates a better experience and set your organization apart

#1: Be Transparent in Your Job Postings

This seems pretty straightforward, but it’s hard to do well. Too much information leaves candidates feeling overwhelmed. Not enough information and candidates become disinterested. 

We recommend thinking of your job postings like a sales page. What information is going to compel the right applicants to apply? 

Make sure to provide a clear vision of what it's like to work there and what they can expect in terms of salary and benefits. (This is one area where more information is actually better!)

We also recommend including an overview of your interview process so applicants know what to expect. The most in-demand candidates will be interviewing and completing projects for multiple companies. A short and straightforward process can convince them that they have time to apply to your open role as well. 

And, before posting, think about what else candidates might want to know before applying. Do you have remote work policies, professional development opportunities, or an overview of your company culture?

Throughout the actual job description, we suggest using plain, straightforward language. The goal is for candidates to feel excited about the prospect of joining your team after reading. This transparency helps you attract great fits from the start! 

#2: Invest in Interview Training

Arguably one of the more important suggestions is interview training. Interview training ensures you provide an equitable, unbiased process for applicants. It’s an investment in your team that can pay dividends for years to come!

Training also keeps interviewers aware of key details like open positions, process timelines, legal guidelines, and tips for creating a positive experience. All pieces candidates will ask about.

Make sure interviewers at each stage are asking every candidate the same questions so that you’re comparing apples to apples, and not judging candidates on different criteria.

#3: Establish Timelines

Transparency is key! If there’s one thing to take away from this article, it’s that making your process more transparent is almost always a good idea. 

From the initial screen to the final decision, share as many details as possible with applicants. Estimated timelines are especially important, but so are estimated interview durations, who they can expect to meet at each step, what the theme of the questions will be, and so on.

Thinking about what you would want to know in their situation and providing that information upfront allows them to put their best foot forward. Which is best for all parties!

#4: Stay in Communication 

Maintaining open, consistent communication with candidates is critical. Each conversation should end with establishing the next date of contact, and you should always stick to it—even if there’s no new information to share. 

The number one issue we hear about from community members is being ghosted when they were expecting a decision. Your extra level of attentiveness goes a long way and sets you apart.

By sticking to the timelines and keeping candidates informed, you’re demonstrating respect for their time and job search process. In return, candidates will have a more positive view of your organization. And your top choice will be that much more likely to accept your offer.

#5: Move Fast

For every open role, we recommend a quick timeline from initial outreach to final decision. Get buy-in on these timeframes up front from every stakeholder involved, and do what’s in your power to ensure that they’re prioritizing their part of the process and setting aside the necessary time for interviews, reviewing applicant materials, and so on.

By having set expectations, everyone’s on the same page. This keeps delays to a minimum and results in a more positive experience for everyone!

When possible, we also recommend expediting interviews, assessments, and decisions. Candidates are more engaged and likely to have a positive view of you as an employer when you don’t keep them waiting. It also shows respect for candidates’ time and allows you to secure top talent before others!

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll leave candidates with an incredible experience and view of your organization, whether you hire them or not. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all want, right? 

For more insights like these, check out the Tech Ladies Blog and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events

See you out there! 

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Caro is a senior operations leader and certified Senior HR Professional (SPHR). She joined Tech Ladies as employee #1 in 2020 before being promoted to General Manager in 2022.
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Top 5 Tech Lady Rules for Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

Caro Griffin
Caro Griffin
Aug 15, 2023
 min read
Top 5 Tech Lady Rules for Creating a Positive Candidate Experience