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Headshot of a Tech Lady community member.

Thanks to the resources and webinars from Tech Ladies, and from me lurking around reading all the helpful posts, I’ve been able to take more ownership of and be more strategic about my career. At my last annual review, I set 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year goals with my boss. I also requested quarterly performance reviews so that I can focus on short-term goals and also present my growth and achievements throughout the year instead of waiting until the end of the year. All that planning, goal-setting, and performance reviews paid off because my promotion came 6 months sooner than expected! I’m happy to have my hard work recognized and rewarded.

Bee Tangsurat

Project Manager at Appen

Headshot of a Tech Lady community member.

"One of my big professional goals over the last 12 weeks or so has been to pass the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam. THIS MORNING I PASSED!!! This was possible because of the Women in Cloud Coursera scholarship I found through Tech Ladies. I have been writing this goal in the Tech Ladies weekly goals to keep myself accountable. I am so thankful for this group and the opportunities it affords."

Tonya M Barrett

Sr Staff Technical Program Manager Security at ServiceNow

Tech Ladies Hero Start Graphic

"I just wanted to say thank you to those ladies in the [group career coaching calls] who offered valuable insights about my cover letter/resume/job hunt situation in the Data/Business Analyst arena. During that chat, I expressed that I felt like my resume was lacking, or weak. I was hoping that perhaps, given some context, you might be able to help me determine what kind of tweaking I should include in my resume to stand out as THE Data/Business Analyst to hire… I love the ladies in this group!

Colleen W.


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What’s the difference between free membership and Founding Membership?

Free membership gives you access to our members-only Job Board and public events.

Pro Membership grants you access to a smaller, more intimate community on Slack where you can network with and get support from other women in tech.

It also includes group coaching sessions every week, private networking events, monthly intros to members who share your interests, and so much more!

If you’re ready to level up in your career, we encourage you to join as a Pro Member.

I don’t work in a technical role. Can I still join?

The short answer is yes! We welcome women across all roles in tech, as well as technical women that work for non-tech companies. Engineers are the biggest group in our community, but we also have women working in product, design, sales, marketing, and more. No matter what your job title is, we'd love to have you!

Do you host events online or in person?

We host most of our events online so that you can attend from anywhere. We know many of you are excited to reconnect in person though so we’re starting to host in-person events again starting in the fall of 2023.

As a Pro Member, you’ll get early access to both virtual and in-person events so you never miss your chance to attend.

How does the career coaching work?

Pro Members have exclusive access to weekly career coaching calls with our professional career coaches, Lekisha and Wendy. These are hosted on Zoom with a small group of other Tech Ladies so you can attend from anywhere.

These sessions are great opportunity to talk through work challenges or discuss your professional development. Many members find that the balance between a certified career coach and other women in tech helps them reach their goals faster.

What kinds of conversations take place in the Tech Ladies community?

Most of our conversations are focused on our jobs and careers. Members ask specific questions about how to approach a project at work, as well as more general questions about their career trajectory. We're here for advice, resource sharing, and anything else that is going to help you thrive in your career. (We also really love pet pics so there are lots of those, too!)

Do I need to be a Pro Member to use the Job Board or Talent Network?

Nope! We want to help you land a great job no matter what. Free and Pro members alike can utilize our Job Board, Talent Network, and Job Search Course to find their next role.

How do I join the group for senior leaders?

We invite any Pro Members with more than five years of experience in engineering, product, or design to join a private group for leaders in their field.

We don't do this to be exclusionary. (We love new Tech Ladies and career changers!) We've just seen over the years that many senior women in tech are eager to give back, but also need a place to chat with women at a similar level in their careers.

Where can I ask other questions?

Email us at! We'll get back to you ASAP.