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The Candidate Database has engaged and quality talent. Those in the database were responsive and expressed their appreciation for Bitwarden partnering with Tech Ladies. The database itself is easy to use. We’ve made a handful of amazing hires, including one who was sourced directly from the database. They have been incredible cultures adds to the team.

Jessica Velazco

Recruiting and People Ops Specialist

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Tech Ladies has been a great partner in our recruiting efforts at RevenueCat. It’s helped us diversify our pipeline and has provided some great candidates. We hired 2 Developer Support Engineers through Tech Ladies this year!

Rachel Wright

Technical Recruiter at RevenueCat

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We've been fortunate to make some amazing hires from the Tech Ladies job board! We recently hired a Technical Support Engineer, Product Designer, and our first-ever Engineering Manager. Tech Ladies has been a great source and partner over the last few years, especially during this period of fast-paced growth, and I recommend them to all recruiters looking to hire talented women on their team.

Symone Lapray

Recruiting Manager at

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Angelika Yoder

Full-Stack Developer at Savas Labs

I found Savas Labs through the Tech Ladies Candidate Database which meant that Savas, as with any company that partners with Tech Ladies, was committed to hiring female developers. After researching the company blog, I immediately applied for a developer position. The Savas Labs team is filled with a variety of people and it was clear that the company strives for inclusivity!
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Byonca H.

Front-End Engineer at RStudio

I found my current role at RStudio through Tech Ladies. Thanks to them, I was contacted by a company that truly values its team. Tech Ladies has done a great job in evaluating companies and ensuring they value diversity and inclusion.
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Tere Gallarreta

Frontend Engineer at Rune Labs

I’m so grateful to have found my role at Rune Labs through Tech Ladies. I was searching for an opportunity at a company that is mission-driven and committed to DEI. Thanks to Tech Ladies’ Hiring Services, I connected with a company that I likely wouldn’t have found otherwise.
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