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I’m diving back into this group after taking a break for quite a while. So, let’s start off with the update that I got promoted a month ago! Went from Associate Project Manager to full Project Manager. Thanks to the resources and webinars from Tech Ladies, and from me lurking around reading all the helpful posts, I’ve been able to take more ownership of and be more strategic about my career. At my last annual review, I set 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year goals with my boss. I also requested quarterly performance reviews so that I can focus on short-term goals and also present my growth and achievements throughout the year instead of waiting until the end of the year.

All that planning, goal-setting, and performance reviews paid off because my promotion came 6 months sooner than expected! I’m happy to have my hard work recognized and rewarded. I’m going to enjoy my promotion and the new role for a little bit but my boss is already asking me about what’s next. I don’t know yet! Ha!Thanks again, everyone, for all of your helpful posts, resources, and inspiration! 

Bee Tangsurat

Project Manager at Appen

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Tech Ladies has been a valuable partner in building our team. Just a few months after we started working with Tech Ladies, we hired a sales specialist and demand generation marketing manager. And, only a few months later, we found a product manager through the Tech Ladies Candidate Database. We continue to engage with amazing talent across various job functions.

Jessica Velazco

Recruiting and People Ops Specialist at Bitwarden

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