Hiring Partner FAQ 

Quickly learn about the most frequently asked questions. Reach out to hiringservices@hiretechladies.com for more help.

About our community

How big is your community?

The Tech Ladies community has 120,000+ members around the world. We're proud to be able to call ourselves the largest community for women in tech! 

Where is your community located geographically? 

Most of our members (about 80%) are based in the US. We also have 10,000 in Canada (our largest hub there is Toronto), 5,000 in Europe (our largest hub there is the UK!), and another 5,000 spread throughout Latin America, Africa, and APAC.

What are your largest cities?

We have the largest presence in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC, but we have a substantial number of Tech Ladies in nearly every mid-sized city.

How many of your members are job searching?

More than 60% of our members are looking for a new role at any given time. Of those, over 25% are actively applying and interviewing. That’s a huge amount of visibility for your open roles!

Do you have a breakdown on race/ethnicity?

We don’t ask our members to share their race or ethnicity upon signup but 50% of our members self-identified as a women of color in our most recent annual survey.

What are the most popular specializations in the community?

Over 65% members are in technical roles. Our biggest specialities are Engineering and Product, followed by Design and Marketing.

About our partnerships

What is included in your partnerships?

Our partnerships include:

  • Unlimited sourcing from our Talent Network. This includes users, messages, clicks, views, etc! 
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Unlimited hires - no hire fees or contingencies, ever! 
How is your talent sourced?

Our talent is sourced directly from the community! When Tech Ladies are looking for a new role, they can apply to be part of the Talent Network. Our team manually looks through applications to accept your target talent into the database, decreasing the amount of time your team is spending on manual/admin work and decreasing your time to hire!

How much does Tech Ladies cost?

Partnerships start at $3,999 and include unlimited sourcing from our Talent Network + access to post on our Job Board.

You can get even more visibility for your team by adding on employer branding opportunities like newsletter and social media features, branded content, and more.

Do you give us feedback on our job postings?

Yes! We would love to ensure that your job postings are as effective as possible and likely to resonate with our members.

We offer these reviews as an add-on to your partnership. Reach out to hiringservices@hiretechladies.com for more info!

Do members share their salary requirements?

No, studies actually show that this negatively impacts womxn in the workplace and contributes to gender and racial pay gaps. We encourage you to include a salary range and list of benefits in every posting instead.

Do you require employers to include a salary range in job postings?

No, but we highly encourage it. Studies show that pay transparency reduces the gender and racial pay gaps. And many states actually do require it!

We’ve also found that job postings with information about salary and benefits get 10x as many applications.

How many applications will I get?

It varies! Our members care about your company as much as they do about the role. Your product/service, mission, and culture play a big part in helping them decide whether to apply! As does the type of role, the requirements in your job posting, whether you’re transparent about salary, your diversity rating on Glassdoor, and even how long you've had the job posted.

You can check out our Success Stories to see the types of roles and companies that have found success with Tech Ladies. If you're using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you will be able to link it to our platform so that you can always see how our members are progressing through your hiring pipeline.

What is your time to hire?

We’ve found that this largely depends on you. It depends on your company’s hiring process and how quickly you can move candidates through each stage. Many of our Tech Ladies only stay in our sourcing platform for an average of 2-4 weeks as they're being hired by our partners.

In general, we recommend that companies leave their job postings up for 30-60 days to maximize the number of applicants, and we’ve found that most candidates are eager to jump on a call right away.

How many hires do your partners make?

Our partners generally make a couple hires during their tenure with us, but that can vary depending on the type of company, the roles they’re hiring, how many open roles they have, where they are located… and a lot more!

Take a look at our Case Studies (RevenueCat, Bitwarden, and Customer.io) and Success Stories to get a sense of how we help partners just like you hire more women in tech.

Do you have case studies you can share?

Yep! You can learn more about what it’s like to work with us by reading about RevenueCat, Bitwarden, and Customer.io. And don’t forget our Success Stories, too, which we’re always updating!