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Apr 11, 2024

Senior Field Marketing Manager

Europe, United States, Canada
Mid-Senior ICs
Series C
Software, Security & Developer Tools is building a new public cloud. We are a rapidly expanding mid-sized company that is primarily technical but we also have people ops, marketing and sales teams. We’re fully remote and hire folks all over the world. We’re building the product, the technology, and the company all at the same time - if you like making things and want your work to have a big impact, this is the place for you!

Job Description

We're building something ambitious at a new public cloud, running on our own hardware all over the world, built to make it easy to run apps close to users anywhere in the world.

So far, we've focused a lot on self-serve growth: developers (our users) can find us, sign up, and build things on their own. Now, we want to meet developers where they are, out in the world. We're looking for a Senior Field Marketing Manager to drive our presence in ecosystem events and Developer Relations.

This role combines event management, strategic planning, budget control, and audience engagement. You'll manage field marketing events from conception through execution, making sure that is showing up in an impactful way that's aligned with who we are as a company. You'll need to provide calm leadership in high-pressure situations and make sure that events run smoothly, even when challenges (inevitably) occur.

If you’re a community builder, this role should feel magical.'s a group of really fun, genuine people, and we need you to help us reach more people like us. We don't want you to shill; we want you to gameplan how to create over-the-top fun for developers, and then engage with them—using beautiful swag, good conversation, and great food and drinks—so that they become evangelists.

This role will be a good fit for you if:

  • You've done field marketing, event management, or something similar. (We want you to be able to show us the ropes on Day One.)
  • You're super organized (no details gets past you) and great at project management.
  • You can translate's company goals into marketing strategies that resonate with technical audiences.
  • You like managing a budget, and know how to get the most "bang for your buck" when it comes to event planning.
  • You like to travel. We want to show up in person, all over the US and EU.
  • You're good at remaining poised and effective under stress. You can manage a crisis without disrupting an event or letting the audience know there's an issue.
  • You're good at managing expectations and pushing back when necessary. We need to keep initiatives on-brand and within budget, even when our internal stakeholders get excited.
  • You find it easy to build and sustain relationships, in any medium: in person, over Slack, over email, etc. Do folks call you a "people person?" If so, let's talk.

You'll know you're succeeding in your job if:

  •’s culture and public persona is consistent across all our field marketing activities.
  • You're managing the field marketing budget so well that we're getting far more valuable events than we thought were possible out of it.
  • Your field marketing strategy is enhancing’s visibility and engagement within the developer community.
  • You're planning and managing all aspects of our events, including logistics, vendor relationships, and on-site coordination.
  • You've built strong relationships with internal stakeholders, our ecosystem partners, and the broader developer community.

More Details

This is a senior level, full-time salaried position. You can live anywhere in the US or EU. In order to optimize for pay equity, doesn't negotiate salaries. We have standardized salaries for each employee level. The salary for this role is $190k USD. We offer competitive equity grants with a long exercise window. US employees get health care, everyone gets flexible vacation time (with a minimum), hardware/phone allowances, the standard stuff.

If you’re interested, mail You can tell us a bit about yourself, if you like. Please also include 1. your location and 2. your favorite industry euphemism for “customer”, so we know you’re not a bot.

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