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Tech Ladies Job Drop 2/28/2024

Our hiring partners just posted new roles! Find your next job at a company that shares your values.

Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith
Feb 28, 2024
 min read
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Tech Ladies Job Drop 2/28/2024

We know you want more than a job. You want to work at a great company that shares your values and appreciates you and your unique skills, experience, and background. Our hiring partners here at Tech Ladies are companies just like that, and they're also eager to hire women in tech just like you.

So we’re rounding up every new job our partners posted this week, and we're sharing them with you here to make your job search easier. Check out the roles to find your next dream job at a company you'll love being a part of and that'll love having you on their team.‍


Formation Bio (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Director, Drug Product Development - $247,000-$280,000

imgix (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Senior Cloud Engineer - $140,000-$190,000

Upside (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Senior Mobile Engineer II - Salary not shared
  • Senior Software Engineer II, Payments - Salary not shared

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Information Technology

Boomi (India) is hiring for:

  • Senior Analyst, IT Infrastructure - Salary not shared

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Data Science + Analytics

Formation Bio (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Director, Analytical Development and QC, Small Molecules - $240,000-$280,000
  • Engineering Manager, Data Acquisition - $183,000-$240,000
  • Senior Software Engineer, Emerging Products (AI/LLM) - $186,000-$240,000

Nixtla (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Machine Learning Engineer - Salary not shared

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Design (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Senior Product Designer - In-App - $168,000-$194,000

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Raptive (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Senior Manager / Director, Communications - $70,000-140,000

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imgix (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Product Manager - $140,000-$190,000

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Sales / Biz Dev

Metronome (CA) is hiring for:

  • Sales Operations - Salary not shared
  • Solutions Architect - Salary not shared

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and more!

Formation Bio (Remote) is hiring for:

  • Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs - $295,000-$340,000
  • Director, Program Management - $242,000-$280,000
  • Director, Drug Substance Development- Small Molecule - $247,000-$280,000

Boomi (Canada) is hiring for:

  • Voice of the Customer Senior Advisor - Salary not shared

Justworks (NY) is hiring for:

  • Payroll Operations Analyst - $36.06-$39.67/hour
  • Director, Payroll & Tax Operations - $184,250-$221,100
  • Director of International Payroll Operations - $198,000-$237,000
  • Payment Processing Systems Manager - $109,000-$120,000

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Can't wait to see where you end up for your next role! Make sure to let us know when you've accepted an offer so we can celebrate with you. ✨

Kelli works with our hiring partners, helping them connect with Tech Ladies interested in joining their great teams. She’s an expert in customer success and has worked in tech, including recruiting and hiring, for the past ten years. Kelli lives in southeastern Finland and loves dancing, podcasts, and productivity apps.
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Job Searching

Tech Ladies Job Drop 2/28/2024

Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith
Feb 28, 2024
 min read
Tech Ladies Job Drop 2/28/2024